Goodbye August, thanks for the waves.

By |September 1st, 2010|

Hans Bishop surfing Homer, Alaska

Typically for us Homer, Alaska surfers we can plan on putting our boards away for a summer hibernation from about May till September. Call it El Nino or what you like, but things were a little different this summer. Two things were really different. We now have stand up paddleboards and are stoked to get out surfing even ankle slappers that hit he beaches in the summer doldrums. But, ankle slapper sup surfing aside, Homer was actually blessed with some pretty decent waves this summer too.


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Alaska fly-out surf adventure video

By |August 7th, 2010|

There’s a knee high wind swell hitting the Homer Spit today. I’m inside working on the computer to that all too familiar tune of water dripping down the rain gutter just outside my window.  I can’t complain though, yesterday evening I paddled my stand up board for about 4 hours and easily caught my subsistence limit of red salmon as the sun set over the calm and rain free waters of Tutka Bay.

Today I’m excited to share a short video documenting a stellar trip to Petrof Glacier earlier this year. It’s high definition so please go fullscreen and let it load for a couple minutes to fully enjoy the 5 minutes of reverie.


Petrof Glacier surfing adventure

By |June 2nd, 2010|

If you have been a regular here at you should be familiar with our fly-out surfing adventures to Petrof Glacier. In a nutshell we pile into a bushplane at the Homer Airport and after 20 minutes of flying over some incredible ocean, mountain, glacier, and ice field scenery we are at a sweet surf beach in the wilds of Alaska.


Fly-out surfing Petrof Glacier

By |April 26th, 2010|

The suspense was excruciating.

The swell forecast looked strong for three to four days over the weekend but the flying forecast was marginal. For the first three days the clouds were hanging thick around the Kenai Mountains preventing us from flying through them to our favorite fly-out surfing paradise in the wilds of Alaska. The morning of the last promising day of the swell also brought some hope for a flight.


What more could you ask for?

By |April 19th, 2010|

Just one shot before I collapse into bed.

Thirteen hours ago I was scrambling my way to the Homer Airport for another fly-out surf adventure to Petrof Glacier. Six hours ago I took this photo of Mike ripping by me on a head high peeler below snow covered mountains. And for the next eight hours I’ll be dreaming about this incredible […]

Aerial photos of surfing Alaska

By |April 16th, 2010|


Working on the computer I can hear the water running down the gutters and see the slush falling from the sky. There is a 12-15ft swell brewing up just on the other side of the mountains that I used to be able to see out my windows. Today the mountains are long lost in the clouds and there is little hope of chartering a bush plane for a ride to Petrof Glacier. Always hope for tomorrow.

In the meantime, you can join me in a daydream inspired by more aerial surf photos. Once again, these photos were captured while I was flying a paramotor over the surf break. This was a bit of a storm surf session on Bishops Beach in Homer, Alaska. The rough water made for even more interesting patterns from overhead. Mike McCune is ripping it up on the red and white board in most of these shots.


Aerial perspective on surfing Alaska

By |April 6th, 2010|

Aerial photo of Mike McCune surfing in Alaska.

I’m excited to be reporting on my first successful aerial photo shoot of surfing in Alaska. I’ve been dreaming about this for a while. Like surfing at night by the light of the moon, there were a lot of things that came together for this – not the least of which was learning to fly and photograph from a paramotor. Instead of a monologue on the process that brought these images to you, let’s just look at the pictures for now.


March surf review for Homer, Alaska

By |March 25th, 2010|

Stephanie Haynes heading out for a morning session on the Homer Spit.

It’s been a pretty slow winter for surf in Homer, Alaska and March has been no exception. This left us plenty of time to shovel ourselves out of the snow from a five day blizzard and be ready when a swell did finally make its way into Kachemak Bay. We’ve been averaging about one day of surf a week. A couple of these days were great, including one 6.5hr session – Not sure if that’s because the waves were so good, or if I was just that desperate.

This post is a roundup of the photos I have on file for surf sessions this month. Please enjoy.