Stand up paddling the Kenai River

By |March 31st, 2011|

Stephanie Dickerson Stand up paddling the Kenai River

The Kenai River in Southcentral Alaska is famous for fishing. Thousands and thousands of people visit its turquoise waters to fish for record setting king salmon, monstrous rainbow trout and countless sockeye salmon. Judging by the strange looks we received, stand up paddling hasn’t really caught on here yet.

Fall is a particularly gorgeous time of year on the upper Kenai where the birch and cottonwood forests are glowing golden in contrast to the turquoise water.


Anchor River surfing

By |October 16th, 2008|

It hasn’t really been THAT long since we last had waves. Only a few days really. But yesterday afater my brain had gone to mush and any chance of productivity had left me, I left the office and went to try out an idea that had been brewing for a while – tie a line to a bridge, jump on […]