Sleuthing an Alaskan Slab

By |January 28th, 2011|

Iceman on a freshly discovered Alaskan slab

This was our second trip with the m/v Milo out to the Gulf of Alaska from Homer. Swell was forecasted to be something between seven and fifteen feet. The first day was windy, the swell was strong but it took us a few hours to discover a break that was sheltered from the wind coming in off the Gulf. No photos of that spot, too much excitement to get on some waves for me and try out the 10ft boardworks SUP on some real waves.


Alaska fly-out surf adventure video

By |August 7th, 2010|

There’s a knee high wind swell hitting the Homer Spit today. I’m inside working on the computer to that all too familiar tune of water dripping down the rain gutter just outside my window.  I can’t complain though, yesterday evening I paddled my stand up board for about 4 hours and easily caught my subsistence limit of red salmon as the sun set over the calm and rain free waters of Tutka Bay.

Today I’m excited to share a short video documenting a stellar trip to Petrof Glacier earlier this year. It’s high definition so please go fullscreen and let it load for a couple minutes to fully enjoy the 5 minutes of reverie.


Petrof Glacier surfing adventure

By |June 2nd, 2010|

If you have been a regular here at you should be familiar with our fly-out surfing adventures to Petrof Glacier. In a nutshell we pile into a bushplane at the Homer Airport and after 20 minutes of flying over some incredible ocean, mountain, glacier, and ice field scenery we are at a sweet surf beach in the wilds of Alaska.


Petrof glacier surf – pt. 1

By |May 5th, 2009|

Let the story telling begin.

Years of talking, drooling, hypothesizing, dreaming, thinking, imagining . . Petrof Glacier, so close yet so far away.  From Homer this spot is only a 20 minute bushplane flight away. Just on the other side of those pesky mountains that so easily block the ocean swell from hitting our beaches. With the help of friends at […]

Surfing Seward Alaska – March 26th, ’09

By |April 9th, 2009|

A break that you can drive to in Seward? I don’t recall when or where I first heard of this, it sounded a bit mystical at the time. After making the 7hr round trip drive twice for nothing, that reputation was well established. When Mike asked if I wanted to make the trip again, I knew better, but agreed anyhow.  […]

Surfing Yakutat, Alaska 2008 – part 4

By |December 24th, 2008|

A Yakutat local surfer surveys Snappers, Yakutat, Alaska.

This is the fourth post reporting on a surfing trip to Yakutat from the fall of 2008.
It’s the last couple days, by now we were actually getting pretty used to squirming into that cold wet and smoky wetsuit each morning. The 15 minute walk in the surf booties down to our regular break (Pt Carrew) was pretty familiar, and so was the pain in the toes. I don’t think they had hiking in mind when they designed surfing booties. The last couple days of our stay were pretty average, each day seemed to offer a few good waves one way or another. The real highlight however was the last surf session of the trip. We packed up and went the airport in the morning only to find out that we were too late to get on our flight. Remember this if you visit Yakutat – the airport may be small and, yes they could easily scan your bags and put them on the jet in about 3 minutes, but you must check in your bags at least 50 minutues prior to departure.  Well, it seemed like a bummer, but when we got back out to Snappers surf break with four hours to spare it was clear we were not going to be bored waiting for the next flight.


Surfing Yakutat, Alaska 2008 – part 3

By |December 16th, 2008|

Jake Beaudoin walking into a timeless surfing scene, Yakutat, Alaska.

As you probably figured out, this is the third post reporting on a 7 day surfing trip to Yakutat, Alaska. Part 2 was the story for Sept 28th. Something happened between that day and October 1st. Or, what I mean is nothing happened, with the camera that is. I know there was plenty of surfing, and along with it plenty of rain– so the photographer left his camera in the tent and caught up on some surf.  This was good, because on the first morning in October we were excited to see our first and only sunrise for the week. The six days of waiting for a glimpse of the mountains and a chance at some classic Yakutat surf photos finally paid off. No complaints though, waiting out the rain clouds is not bad when it means surfing for 6hrs a day, and when the pay off looks like this.


Surfing Yakutat, Alaska 2008 – part 2

By |December 14th, 2008|

Rainbow at Snappers surf beach. Yakutat, Alaska

Day 2: Looking back through the photo files from 9/28/08 there’s nothing for the morning session, must have been rainy and the camera was left behind.  I think we surfed Pt Carrew at first light. Back to camp for a tanner crab lunch, cheers Iceman! It’s not so bad camping in the rainforest when you’ve got all you can eat crab legs after a long morning surf session.