• heli-surfing adventure in Alaska

Heli-surfing Alaska again

By |November 4th, 2013|

Dreams do come true. Sometimes more than once.

There’s plenty of times in any Alaskan surfer’s life where you catch yourself daydreaming about floating over this mountain range to check the surf, landing on that tiny beach and paddling out for a session, skipping the 12 hour boat ride around the Kenai Peninsula. Turns out there is this little machine known […]

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Fly-out surfing Petrof Glacier

By |April 26th, 2010|

The suspense was excruciating.

The swell forecast looked strong for three to four days over the weekend but the flying forecast was marginal. For the first three days the clouds were hanging thick around the Kenai Mountains preventing us from flying through them to our favorite fly-out surfing paradise in the wilds of Alaska. The morning of the last promising day of the swell also brought some hope for a flight.


Fly-out surfing a remote Alaskan break

By |February 13th, 2010|

It's a race against the fog and the rising tide. We barely snuck in, now the plane has to sneak out.

Yet another successful fly-in fly-out surfari to the Petrof Glacier break.

Something to put in the back of your mind for the next time you are scheming on flying over a coastal mountain range for a day at a remote surf break . . . What you see on your side is likely not what you’ll find on the other side. This was the certainly the case on January 30th when we loaded up the Homer Air Cessna 206 with surf boards and a little survival gear and headed up over the Kenai Mountain Range.

Scenic glacier and mountain views on our fly-out surf trip to a remote surf break in Alaska.

This time we did suspect that we might see some fog, but just couldn’t resist taking the gamble. The coastal fog was pretty thick as far as we could see as we came over the mountains. It was all smiles and surf stoke when we saw a swell crashing on the beach through a little sliver of a window in the fog right over the very beach we needed to land on.