Surf Alaska video series

Surf Alaska, the video series, tells the tale of a few hardy souls in the far north exploring their endless back yard in search of surf.

Playing chess with mother nature, we use all available resources from boats to helicopters in our search for a few fleeting moments of euphoria. A land of extremes – Alaska is the home of the midnight sun and the midday darkness. With over 34,000 miles of rugged, wilderness coastline, snow covered mountains and glacier carved fiords, violent weather patterns and 30ft tidal changes – This is not an easy place to go prospecting for surf. But, easy isn’t something we are in search of. It’s the difficulty of accessing the coastline, enduring the storms and surviving the cold that make surfing in Alaska so rewarding.

We always venture out in search of waves, but whether we score or not there is always a story of adventure to tell. The Surf Alaska video series invites you to join us.  In a blend of documentary and reality tv style you’ll enjoy the incredible scenery and wilderness mixed with the unavoidable ‘man vs nature’ struggles that Alaska is so adept at dishing out.

Surf Alaska video series

ScottD_110117_5356eCurrently, the Surf Alaska Video Series is in development. It features Scott Dickerson, professional photographer and owner of Surf Alaska. Scott is a lifelong Alaskan who learned to surf in his hometown of Homer at a young age. Seventeen years later he continues to explore the surf potential in the wilds of his backyard with a crew of dedicated friends. In 2008 he began the website as a place to share photos and stories of surfing in Alaska. This video series is just another way that Scott is enjoying sharing his stoke for all things Alaskan, especially a good ice cream headache from a cold water surf session.

Surf Alaska is produced in association with Ocean Swell Ventures and the m/v Milo, and the production services of JGS Concepts based in Anchorage, Alaska. Without a strong group of capable friends ready to join us, or invite use, on all types of surfing adventures none of this would be possible, so thanks to all of you who have shared a wave with us over the years.