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Surfing Alaska – January 22nd, 2010

By |February 11th, 2010|

Iceman scores another left on a steel blue morning in January.

January 2010 was a pretty slow month for us Homer, Alaska surfers. We were eager when a swell finally showed up on the 22nd. Honestly, I can’t remember much about these sessions –  judging by the small number of photos, I must have spent most the swell window in the water recovering from the preceding dry spell. Looks like we had a nice morning session then a sweetly scenic sunset surf.

Party wave!


Surfing Yakutat, Alaska 2008 – part 4

By |December 24th, 2008|

A Yakutat local surfer surveys Snappers, Yakutat, Alaska.

This is the fourth post reporting on a surfing trip to Yakutat from the fall of 2008.
It’s the last couple days, by now we were actually getting pretty used to squirming into that cold wet and smoky wetsuit each morning. The 15 minute walk in the surf booties down to our regular break (Pt Carrew) was pretty familiar, and so was the pain in the toes. I don’t think they had hiking in mind when they designed surfing booties. The last couple days of our stay were pretty average, each day seemed to offer a few good waves one way or another. The real highlight however was the last surf session of the trip. We packed up and went the airport in the morning only to find out that we were too late to get on our flight. Remember this if you visit Yakutat – the airport may be small and, yes they could easily scan your bags and put them on the jet in about 3 minutes, but you must check in your bags at least 50 minutues prior to departure.  Well, it seemed like a bummer, but when we got back out to Snappers surf break with four hours to spare it was clear we were not going to be bored waiting for the next flight.


Surfing Yakutat, Alaska 2008 – part 2

By |December 14th, 2008|

Rainbow at Snappers surf beach. Yakutat, Alaska

Day 2: Looking back through the photo files from 9/28/08 there’s nothing for the morning session, must have been rainy and the camera was left behind.  I think we surfed Pt Carrew at first light. Back to camp for a tanner crab lunch, cheers Iceman! It’s not so bad camping in the rainforest when you’ve got all you can eat crab legs after a long morning surf session.


Fall sunrise session – video clip

By |October 31st, 2012|

Just a little glimpse at a recent sunrise in the gulf of Alaska. You can see a selection of photos from this surf session in a post from last week.


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SUP Rental

By |June 5th, 2013|

Stand Up Alaska  | (907) 947-4775 |  Based on Wasilla Lake and other roaming locations Stand Up Alaska offers a large selection of rigid and inflatable standup paddleboards available for rent and sale. They also offer instruction, demos, and are in the process of organizing scheduled paddle events.
Alaska Wilderness SUP | (907) 891-6184 | Alaska Wilderness SUP (AWS) is a wilderness […]

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Fall sunrise session

By |October 26th, 2012|

This fall has been not only sunny and gorgeous but has also offered its share of good surf in the Gulf of Alaska. While I can’t say we surfed it all, we did do our best. This particular morning in the gulf I had several good days of 4+ hr sessions behind me, the stars were out, and the tide was right for a sunrise session so I jumped in the water with the camera. Mike McCune, Matt Lukin, and Jeremy Cerutti were enjoying some nice waves as the sun peeked over the mountains. […]

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Surfing Kodiak between storms

By |November 28th, 2011|

As reported in my previous post, we had a pretty tough surf search around Kodiak Island early this winter with the m/v Milo. The storms were on par with the scenery, relentless and rugged. In our first few days around the island we did get to score a couple sessions when the wind momentarily settled from the near constant gales. The photos here are from a session at a spot that a couple locals suggested we check out. Gotta say, the locals were a lot friendlier than the waves we found! check out some of these angry looking faces.


Boat trip to Kodiak Island. Scenic. Stormy. Surf.

By |November 27th, 2011|

It’s no secret that Kodiak Island can be a windy place, but three weeks straight with winds gusting over 50mph? That just doesn’t seem possible! Well, fortunately we all lived to tell the story of enduring a non-stop series of epic winter storms while on a surf trip around Kodiak Island by boat.


Three waves keep the search stoke alive in AK

By |November 16th, 2011|

Still frame from the video clip below.

As avid followers of Surf Alaska may recall, last winter we made a four week surf exploration across the gulf of Alaska aboard the m/v Milo. The video clip below is just a little taste of the waves we scored on that adventure.


Turnagain Arm bore tide glass – video

By |August 23rd, 2011|

Surfing the Turnagain Arm Boretide. Watch the video below!

You’ll never know unless you go. This thought often makes us get in the car for the 3.5 hr one way drive to Turnagain Arm in search of the often elusive boretide. The tides are very predictable, the wave – not so much.

It’s always a gamble with the countless variables that change the wave, and then there’s the wind.  Ever since last fall we have been trying to find the monster wave we saw near the town of Hope. So far this year we are yet to see it. The serpent seems to be sleeping.

On one fine day this summer we did score a sweet, glassy, twenty minute ride with some nice clean faced sections. It wasn’t the double overhead wave we were hoping for, but it was good times. […]