Raven SUP Shoot

By |June 3rd, 2011|

Pretty flat here in Kachemak Bay this time of year. Really flat in fact. Take this morning for example – you could see the reflection of the mountains in the water it was so calm.


SUP demos in Anchorage

By |May 22nd, 2011|

Surf Alaska is in Anchorage with a trailer full of stand up paddleboards and wetsuits through Tuesday afternoon (5/24/11). Demo events planned for Little Campbell Lake this afternoon 2-4pm then Sand lake this evening 6pm-8:30pm.  If you’ve been thinking about trying this out give Scott a call 907-399-7873.

I’ll figure something out for Monday and Tuesday if I hear some interest.

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Turnagain Arm Bore tide – reaping rewards

By |May 22nd, 2011|

Jeff Hoke stand up paddling the Turnagain Arm boretide. Still grab from the GoPro video (coming soon)

Persistence can pay off. After our last epic battle with a windy bore I wasn’t super confident it was worth trying again yesterday.


Turnagain Arm boretide – earning our stripes

By |May 18th, 2011|

Still frame from the video posted below.

The Turnagain Arm boretide is a mysterious event. We’ve spent a lot of time analyzing the tide charts, water depths, channel and sand bar shapes . . . But in the end you still just have to show up and hope for the best. Sometimes we score, sometimes we’re just get sore. Yesterday Mike and I made the road trip to try and slay the serpent in some new territory. We had seen an incredible wave breaking on the South side of the arm last fall and heard juicy rumors from the locals. Unfortunately the wind was howling a gusty 20-30mph out of the East. This could be considered an offshore breeze so we were hopeful that just maybe we’d still find something to ride.


Sunrise SUP session on the spit

By |April 8th, 2011|

Nice little sunrise session on the Homer Spit this morning. Not too much to get excited about, but some fun rides on the stand up paddleboards. I had the GoPro camera with me out there to catch the insane action.


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Stand up paddling the Kenai River

By |March 31st, 2011|

Stephanie Dickerson Stand up paddling the Kenai River

The Kenai River in Southcentral Alaska is famous for fishing. Thousands and thousands of people visit its turquoise waters to fish for record setting king salmon, monstrous rainbow trout and countless sockeye salmon. Judging by the strange looks we received, stand up paddling hasn’t really caught on here yet.

Fall is a particularly gorgeous time of year on the upper Kenai where the birch and cottonwood forests are glowing golden in contrast to the turquoise water.


Land of the midnight SUP

By |March 9th, 2011|

I guess it’s not a once in a life time opportunity . . . Though it feels that way.

This February night was the second time the stars aligned. Two years and two months prior I wrote:

“Once upon a time in a little cosmic hamlet by the sea all the magic ingredients came together. A swell was rolling into Kachemak Bay, the winds were calm, the tide was right, the sky was clear, and it was a full moon.” (Moon Tubes at 2:30am)


Slab GoPro video

By |February 8th, 2011|

If you’ve been following along here you know that we have been taking the m/v Milo out from Homer to discover new breaks on the outer coast of the Kenai Peninsula. We just returned from our fourth trip out there yesterday. This morning I put together a few clips I shot using the GoPro video camera mounted on my SUP paddle. This footage is from our third adventure out to the Gulf and our second time riding this slab wave we’ve named Pop Ups.