Aerial surf video from a Cineflex + RED EPIC

It’s been a strange and busy winter here in Alaska. We had a nice little summer vacation in January. It was so warm in Homer that I was doing yard projects on a lawn of green grass. The 7mm mittens seemed way overkill and everyone was coming to visit the beach.  Well, that’s over now. Resume normal programming of winter storms. Fortunately for us this included some waves in Homer and a quick return of the brain freeze experience.

As a part of Scott Dickerson Photography I have been training to operate the cineflex, a stabilized aerial video system (think Planet Earth and Art of Flight). Last week the constantly innovating crew at ZatzWorks, whom I work with, was ready to test fly their latest invention. They have hacked the guts of their Cineflex allowing us to swap out cameras from the original sony HD camera to the incredible 4K slow motion shooting beast known as the RED EPIC. The universe conspired in our favor, and on the day of the test flight Mike McCune and a few friends where out surfing on the Homer Spit. This was my kind of test subject! Check out the video below.

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Surf Alaska video series update

It’s been an incredible winter of surfing here in Alaska. The storms just keep coming and somehow we keep being in the right spot at the right time. I’ve been busy gathering the stories and action for our upcoming Surf Alaska video series. I was hoping to have the first episode together by the new year, but with so much time spent out there exploring and surfing there just hasn’t been much time to spend behind the computer. No complaining!

In the last couple months we have spent three weeks aboard the m/v Milo scoring great waves in the wilderness coastline of Alaska. Snow, sunshine, hail, thunder, storms and glassy waters. Point waves, river mouths, lefts, rights, long peelers, short thumpers. It’s just been one thrilling discovery after another.

I’m looking forward to sharing more soon. For now, here is a quick little glimpse of one particularly beautiful morning last week. For more micro updates follow us on Facebook and Instagram – @ScottDickerson

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Alaska Sessions in Anchorage for the Film Fest

Finally, what many of you have been waiting to hear….

After a year migrating around the globe doing the Film Festival circuit, Alaska Sessions is coming home to show at the Anchorage International Film Festival. The venue will be the Alaska Experience Theatre and showtime is 1 pm on Sunday, December 8th.

Come early on the day of the show (at least 45 minutes) to get your ticket. We’d like to see the show fill up and sell out! Rest easy though, filmmaker Frederick Dickerson is back in the state and is actively working on setting up additional show times (we hope!).

If you are coming into Anchor town for the show, check out the Film Festival packages that Inlet Towers are offering (the word is that this is a great location and good food – and the owners are Ocean Swell Ventures family members and Milo veterans).

Surf Alaska video series launch

It was about sixteen years ago that my friend Justin and I started bodysurfing in the wind slop hitting the beach in Homer, Alaska. We couldn’t drive, we didn’t have our own wetsuits, we shared a single hood. Our parents would drop us off on the beach and pick us up shortly after hypothermia was settling in. After a few months Justin found a foam bodyboard at the dump and we were in heaven, trading the wetsuit hood and bodyboard back and forth. Fast forward through the years… borrowed shortboard, broken longboard… racing kayak, whitewater kayak…wetsuit with hood, meet the two other surfers in town… warm wetsuit, appropriate sized board… launch of, flyout surf trips, new surfing friends… Mike purchases the m/v Milo – dreams are coming true! Our surfing adventures in Alaska have come a long way. And they continue to get more exciting and far fetched every year. Last month as a great example, I had the opportunity to go heli-surfing for four incredible days! (more…)

Heli-surfing Alaska again

Dreams do come true. Sometimes more than once.

There’s plenty of times in any Alaskan surfer’s life where you catch yourself daydreaming about floating over this mountain range to check the surf, landing on that tiny beach and paddling out for a session, skipping the 12 hour boat ride around the Kenai Peninsula. Turns out there is this little machine known has the helicopter. It can do things like that. It, unfortunately, has a pretty healthy appetite for cash money however. This little hiccup is what stops us most of the time. Sometimes though, destiny conspires in our favor. The whirlybird becomes available under the terms of some kind of cosmic gift.

Here’s a peak at what happened in the first couple of such days last month.

Endless thanks to Slinky, Colin, and Dennis for making this possible.

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Bore Fever!

There is a condition we call bore fever.  I’ve been infected with it over the years, though my symptoms have definitely lessened after finally catching the elusive giant wave last year after a multi month effort. Bore fever for myself and our friends is  an obsession with chasing the the bore tide that has symptoms like 7hr drives to try and catch a single wave. Waking up at 4am for an early morning tide. Paddling till you feel like throwing up to try and catch back up to the wave after a wipeout.  Watching this video below it appears there is one individual who has come down with his own case of bore fever. (more…)

Summer is here- get out and SUP

These calm mornings, sunny skies and gorgeous evenings have really got me fired up for the summer SUP season. Enough so that I have updated our entire Surf Shop here at this evening in order to get you the best, most current info on what we have to offer gear and rental-wise. (more…)

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The life we live- video of surfing Alaska by boat

Yep. We’ve got it pretty awesome. Not a wave goes by that we don’t appreciate.

This 4 day jaunt into the Gulf of Alaska to visit a few of our favorite waves was much appreciated when it suddenly arrived. It was a trip so last minute that we couldn’t even get our best surfing buddies to join us. Lucky for us Josh Skoglund of JGS Concepts rallied to come along to document. Mike and Scott were so busy surfing all by themselves there would have been no evidence otherwise! (more…)