Alaskan Surf Trips

Imagine cruising into a breathtaking fiord, snow capped mountains and hanging glaciers on three sides, you’ve never been here before, and from the looks of things, nobody else has either. The sea lions hauled out on the rocks look at you with bewilderment, obviously surprised to see a human. From the charts it looked like there might be potential for a wave on the East side of the fiord and based on the swell and offshore breeze you are excited to prove your suspicion right.

This kind of experience is status quo for our boat based surf missions. We explore Alaska’s endless miles of wild coastline seldom even seeing other boats. Sometimes we discover incredible waves, and sometimes we just have to settle with unbelievable scenery, incredible wildlife, and great food.

After several years in the making we are excited to be able to share this once in a life time experience with you. Boat based surf explorations in the last frontier with Ocean Swell Ventures.

A few things you can expect from a surf trip with Ocean Swell Ventures:

  • Pioneering new surf locations
  • Mind blowing scenery – calving glaciers, jagged mountains, untouched wilderness
  • An authentic Alaskan experience
  • Great food – plenty of fresh fish
  • True adventure

Surf trips with Ocean Swell Ventures

For years I had dreamed of having a capable, comfortable boat that we could use as a platform for discovering the surf potential of Alaska’s 34,000+ miles of coastline. I wasn’t the only one dreaming about this . . . My surfing buddy Mike McCune was also seeing a lot of untapped potential just out of reach. He was ready for a new chapter in his life so he sold his house and bought the decommissioned fishing vessel – m/v Milo.  Over the last several years I’ve been helping him turn this solid old fishing boat into a surf pioneering machine; with thorough testing all along the way. It’s coming along nicely.  In 2012 we reached the stage of being able to invite others to join us living out our Alaskan surf fantasies. So far in our short history with the Milo we’ve shared a lot of incredible experiences with some great people.

The Milo is a work in progress that just keeps getting better. Between surf trips we’ve been making changes to make her more comfortable but still keeping the authentic nature of a tried and true fishing boat. While she is no luxury yacht, she always gets the job done and we can keep our focus on having the ultimate adventure instead of polishing the floors.

Most of the photos you see on from the last couple years have been taking on Milo adventures.

If you aren’t afraid of a good time, are ready for a new experience, and cherish a sense of adventure and discovery I’d suggest you take a look at the Ocean Swell Ventures website and get in touch with us.