Aerial video of surfing from Helicopter with CIneflex and RED EPIC

It’s been a strange and busy winter here in Alaska. We had a nice little summer vacation in January. It was so warm in Homer that I was doing yard projects on a lawn of green grass. The 7mm mittens seemed way overkill and everyone was coming to visit the beach.  Well, that’s over now. Resume normal programming of winter storms. Fortunately for us this included some waves in Homer and a quick return of the brain freeze experience.

As a part of Scott Dickerson Photography I have been training to operate the cineflex, a stabilized aerial video system (think Planet Earth and Art of Flight). Last week the constantly innovating crew at ZatzWorks, whom I work with, was ready to test fly their latest invention. They have hacked the guts of their Cineflex allowing us to swap out cameras from the original sony HD camera to the incredible 4K slow motion shooting beast known as the RED EPIC. The universe conspired in our favor, and on the day of the test flight Mike McCune and a few friends where out surfing on the Homer Spit. This was my kind of test subject! Check out the video below.