There is a condition we call bore fever.  I’ve been infected with it over the years, though my symptoms have definitely lessened after finally catching the elusive giant wave last year after a multi month effort. Bore fever for myself and our friends is  an obsession with chasing the the bore tide that has symptoms like 7hr drives to try and catch a single wave. Waking up at 4am for an early morning tide. Paddling till you feel like throwing up to try and catch back up to the wave after a wipeout.  Watching this video below it appears there is one individual who has come down with his own case of bore fever.

After hearing about the incident from a friend of the video creator I contacted him and heard his story. As suspected, the jovial crew of welcoming bore tide surfers is alive and well in turnagain arm. Mostly it’s a bunch of stoked out beginner surfers having fun on whatever type of wave riding equipment they have.

The creator of the video isn’t really interested in getting any unneeded attention over this thing so he asked to remain nameless. He did send me a follow up statement that is awfully eloquent:

Since it seems everyone has done a write up on the man that owns the bore tide i figure i better jump aboard too. To start things off, in the last week the guy has threatened to beat people up , shot surfboards at people, got in peoples face that were 200 yards away from him and told someone he was going to shoot them in the face. It wasn’t my first bore tide and i knew about where i wanted to be (farther down then most people waiting for it). He was waiting on shore for the tide and jumped out at last minuet, so once i seen where he was setting up i switched directions and gave him the inside because thats the better end of the wave as it always dies out on the outside at the point. Once he seen me in in the wave he came over and started yelling. i tried to peel left to get out of his way before sanding up and he just kept yelling and coming at me. Against my better judgment i gave him the bird a few times because we had had problems all week with him and i was already upset but i probably should of held my cool. He then shot his board at me and told me he was going to beat the F out of me in the parking lot but not before he told me he was born here and it was his wave. The wave died out shortly after but if he would of just went right instead of coming at me he could of kept going. The video to us was funny and posted in the comedy section of you tube. I never thought it would get any attention like it has.

Many aren’t getting the humor in this video and are talking crap because i didn’t stand up. The bore tide isn’t the easiest to catch on a 6 foot board so i don’t always succeed, I’m no expert but i have stood up and rode it. I wanted to make sure i was stable before standing up. There are a bunch of people out there on everything from kayaks to paddle boards. Would it have made a difference if i just belly rode it on a bodyboard? We are all out there to have fun no matter what we are on. Last week there were days with over 20 people in the water and everyone was great and had a good time. There is a great group of people down there that manage to share the wave just fine and keep an eye out for everyone like it should be. There has been times i know i needed to go right to hold the wave but there were people there and i couldn’t get over, so be it. no need to get mad it was still a good time.

With the growing popularity of the bore tide just try and be respectful of others.


Julia O’Malley, a journalist with the Anchorage Daily News, contacted me as she was investigating the story. The resulting article is online and I think she did a great job. Check it out: Bore Tide Bully Needs to Hang Loose.  As usual, the comments are pretty entertaining.

As the publisher of a blog about surfing in Alaska I’ve come across my share of bad attitudes. You can read my thoughts about it from a few years ago in this post: Surfing Localism in Alaska. It’s safe to say that my attitude has matured a bit, but a lot of what I shared in that post still feels relevant. The bore tide is certainly a unique wave in Alaska for obvious reason, one of the most influential factors being that it can be accessed by car from Alaska’s biggest city in just a few minutes.  But there is still much more to discover about the bore tide than the average surfer sees. Maybe a few bad attitudes like this will inspire some more exploration and discovery in the long run?.

What do you think?

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