This fall has been not only sunny and gorgeous but has also offered its share of good surf in the Gulf of Alaska. While I can’t say we surfed it all, we did do our best. This particular morning in the gulf I had several good days of 4+ hr sessions behind me, the stars were out, and the tide was right for a sunrise session so I jumped in the water with the camera. Mike McCune, Matt Lukin, and Jeremy Cerutti were enjoying some nice waves as the sun peeked over the mountains.

Jeremy Cerutti surfing Alaska.

Matt Lukin surfing Alaska.


Mike McCune

And the one that got away.

These waves were made possible with the help of Ocean Swell Ventures and the m/v Milo. If you aren’t afraid of having a bit of fun, you might want to come join us on a surf trip here in Alaska. Check out the website linked above and get in touch. We are heading out for a few more days of surfing in the gulf tomorrow actually!