Drumroll please…

The WORLD PREMIERE of the ‘Alaska Sessions‘ film is happening in the little town of Homer, Alaska in less than a week. Don’t miss it on the big screen! We don’t know when it will be available online or as a dvd so this could be your only chance this year to see us surf our way from Sitka to Homer in the month of November.

What:Alaska Sessions‘ film world premier
When: Thursday, November 1st 2012
Where: Homer Theatre – Homer, Alaska
Who: Frederick Dickerson (co-director) and the cast.

For those of you who have been following Surf Alaska for a while this film might sound a little familiar -it’s about our trip in 2010 when we brought the, then new to us, m/v Milo up from Sitka to Homer over the course of four weeks. We surfed everywhere we could along the way of course. Frederick Dickerson and his filming partner Matthew McNeill came all the way from Australia to film the trip with the plan of producing a movie about the adventure. This was two years ago, almost to the day, and I can assure you they have been working hard on this project steadily ever since.

Based on the rough cuts of the film I’ve seen this is going to be a very entertaining night. It’s true, I may be somewhat biased, but I’m sure it won’t disappoint.  Frederick and Matthew have been working hard on this, from hand drawn animations to a soundtrack with  original compositions, they spared no expense to make the best surf adventure film they could (on a surf filmer’s budget).

A brief description of the film from the poster reads:

Alaska Sessions (NR)/ 87 minutes. Mr. McCune sells his house and buys and old fishing boat to embark on an epic surf adventure. He and his eclectic crew travel up the isolated Alaskan coastline in the dead of winter. It’s cold, it’s dark, and these guys aren’t exactly pro-surfers, but in the words of one crew-member, “when your stoke is hot, you can endure a lot.”

You may remember this little video clip I posted a while back. It includes a couple waves from the Alaska Sessions film.

Below are a couple of photos taken on the trip – one from an incredible thanksgiving session in Yakutat and another great wave we discovered on the trip.

I hope you’ll come join is in Homer on Thursday, November 1st for a fun evening.