Brothers on the Run surfing Alaska

Daydreaming about Alaska surf trips we had this spring aboard the Milo. This surf video has been out for a while now but for those of you who might have missed it check it out!

The Brothers on the Run – John and Eric Jackson are  two very accomplished professional snowboarders who are on a 6 month epic from Alaska to Chile by road. We were fortunate to take them, and a couple of their friends, Travis Rice and Ian Walsh, out on the Milo for a quick surf trip in the Gulf of Alaska. We only had a couple days to find waves and felt pretty lucky that the last day provided some good swell and the boys were able to get their filming done.

With a lineup like this in the water I was pretty excited to be taking photos for the day. Thanks to producer Clark Fyans for putting the trip together. The filmers doing all the work behind the scenes for this are Ben Dolenc and Gabe Langlios. You can see more episodes from the Brothers on the Run on youtube.