The Last Frontier – Alaska’s well earned title certainly rings true when it comes to surfing the far north.

Not surprisingly, Surf Alaska receives countless emails from surfers with frozen gills wondering if there is any hope for them here in AK.  It became very clear there was need for a publication that covered the basics.  Alaska – the guide to pioneering surf in ‘The Last Frontier’ is the answer to these questions

This book is all about getting you well prepared for your own surf explorations in Alaska. It’s a compilation of what we’ve learned from 15 years of living the search.

We purposefully did not include details on specific known locations, but instead offer the tools you’ll need to truly experience what surfing in the Last Frontier is really all about – pioneering and a sense of discovery. We didn’t want to put together a map of all the known surf spots in AK because honestly we know very little of the actual potential out there, instead you’ll learn how to connect with other surfers in Alaska and the basics you need to know in order to discover waves yourself. In the last year alone we have discovered far more breaks than we’d surfed in all the years combined. Alaska is ripe for exploring and this book is all about helping you get out there and really live the Alaskan surf dream of discovery in an untamed wilderness.

Of course the book is heavily illustrated with photographs of living the Alaskan wet dream. Along with the photos you’ll find a healthy serving of information as well. Subjects covered in the book include: Access, Community, Tides, Weather and Temperatures, Forecasting, Daylight, Staying Warm, Wetsuits, Surfboards, Bear Safety, and Other wildlife.

A lot of effort went into this book and I hope that it’s a valuable resource for anyone interested in surfing in Alaska. I know it would have been an incredible help for myself 15 years ago when I was learning all of these things the slow hard way. If after reading the book you still have any questions of course I’ll be happy to answer them. Needless to say, the earnings from the book sales will be spent on more surf exploration.

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