surfing kodiak alaska

As reported in my previous post, we had a pretty tough surf search around Kodiak Island early this winter with the m/v Milo. The storms were on par with the scenery, relentless and rugged. In our first few days around the island we did get to score a couple sessions when the wind momentarily settled from the near constant gales. The photos here are from a session at a spot that a couple locals suggested we check out. Gotta say, the locals were a lot friendlier than the waves we found! check out some of these angry looking faces.

Mike trying to escape a drooling monster before it munches him in the rocks.

Kodiak surfer Ryan Murdock seemed pretty comfortable surfing in these conditions.

This little mutant section stopped more than a few rides short.

After the mutant section came the rock slalom course

Mike thrill seeking with his standup board.

Slinky outrunning the froth on the inside.

Despite the mutant sections and the filter feeding action going on inside with the rocks the boys managed to pull of some pretty sweet rides. Someday we hope to see this wave without all the wind and chop, maybe a bigger swell and it could be an epic point wave. Another day.

Ryan Murdock

Jake Beaudoin


Mike McCune

Another beach break wave nearby had more size but was breaking into a little cove with no escape, sure looked tempting from the backs. A few first hand reports confirmed our suspiction –  fun drops and then hang on for your life.

The Milo enjoys a short break between wind storms.