Pretty flat here in Kachemak Bay this time of year. Really flat in fact. Take this morning for example – you could see the reflection of the mountains in the water it was so calm.

Luckily we have just the tool for making the most of this kind of summer doldrums. The new Raven from Boardworks is a flatwater cruising stand up paddleboard that is a real pleasure to paddle in these glassy conditions. Boardworks sent us one of these new boards so we could put it where it belongs – cruising through some majestic Alaskan scenery.

This morning Stephanie and I were up at sunrise to enjoy the morning light and take some photos for Boardworks’ advertising of this new board. Such a gorgeous morning I though you might all enjoy a little of the scenery.

We are awaiting a shipment of these boards that we’ll have for sale in early July hopefully. Check out the Raven in the Surf Alaska Shop

Below are a few favorite photos from the shoot in Kachemak Bay, Alaska.