Still frame from the video posted below.

The Turnagain Arm boretide is a mysterious event. We’ve spent a lot of time analyzing the tide charts, water depths, channel and sand bar shapes . . . But in the end you still just have to show up and hope for the best. Sometimes we score, sometimes we’re just get sore. Yesterday Mike and I made the road trip to try and slay the serpent in some new territory. We had seen an incredible wave breaking on the South side of the arm last fall and heard juicy rumors from the locals. Unfortunately the wind was howling a gusty 20-30mph out of the East. This could be considered an offshore breeze so we were hopeful that just maybe we’d still find something to ride.

We found ‘something’, a frothing chest high pile of whitewater, actually make that graywater. We didn’t exactly score this time around, but we put up a good fight, surfed some kind of a wave thing, and saw some great potential in this spot. We’ll be back sometime soon, and hopefully the wind will be somewhere else. If you want to see what the Turnagain Arm boretide can look like check out some of my other posts.

Gear Notes

I was wearing an Xcel Drylock 4/3mm suit, Quiksilver 5mm boots, and Hyperflex 3mm gloves. Plenty warm, actually I’d say it was the perfect setup for a windy mid-may day. Mike was in his Xcel infiniti 5/4mm suit, 7mm boots, and Billabong 3mm gloves and he was a bit warm, but not to bad.
I took the new Boardworks 10’6″ EPX SUP out hoping to get some time on the wave to really see how this new board design surfs. Well, as you can see in the video, there wasn’t much surfing going on.  The board did fine scooting along the sandbars in 6 inches of silty water. We’ll have to save the real review of this board’s surfing performance for a later test.