Jeff Hoke stand up paddling the Turnagain Arm boretide. Still grab from the GoPro video (coming soon)

Persistence can pay off. After our last epic battle with a windy bore I wasn’t super confident it was worth trying again yesterday.

It was blowing 30-40 mph near near the mouth of Turnagain Arm and the kitesurfers were loving it. Jeff  Hoke said it might be calm at Bird Point and it’d be worth checking out for for some bore action. This was the last of the big tides this month that showed hope for a surfable bore wave. Didn’t seem likely to me since I was having a hard time just standing up on the beach, let alone on a standup board . . .

Sometimes you just have to trust the locals.

We drove 20 minutes further into Turnagain arm and got ahead of the incoming tide.  Sure enough, Jeff was right, it was just a nice light offshore breeze at Bird Point. We yanked a couple SUPs out of the Surf Alaska trailer and scrambled down the rocks into the sand flats.  The tide was a few minutes late, seemingly due to the strong east wind blowing further out in the arm.  But when it showed up we were pleasantly surprised with about a 20 minute ride on a wave that varied from a shin high foam pile up to a solid waist night peeler.

I wore the GoPro camera on my head and managed a pretty fun clip showing the whole ride. Including my wipeout and consequent struggle to catch the wave again. I’m in Anchorage for SUP demos this weekend with limited internet, I’ll try and post the video clip later this week. Or check out Channel 2 News (KTUU) in Alaska this evening, they might show a bit of the clip.

Gear Notes

Jeff and I both paddled the 2011 Boardworks EPX boards – a 10′ and 10’6.  Xcel 4/3mm suits kept us comfy. 5mm boots are about right this time of year.