Nice little sunrise session on the Homer Spit this morning. Not too much to get excited about, but some fun rides on the stand up paddleboards. I had the GoPro camera with me out there to catch the insane action.

This kind of a session is one of the greatest things about stand up paddling – Catching 20+ waves with some pretty long rides on marginal knee to waist high waves. Would have been fun on a longboard too, but it’s really nice on a scenic morning like this to be standing up, taking in the sites and catching every ripple that comes by.

Spring is in the air in Alaska. Finally.  I rinsed my wetsuit off and hung it out to dry outside for the first time since last fall. Still some snow hanging around the yard even at lower elevations, but next time I head out for an SUP session I might think about leaving the 6/5mm suit at home. The days are long, dawn patrol is 6am and the darkness doesn’t settle in until about 10pm. And we are still gaining daylight every day!