If you’ve been following along here you know that we have been taking the m/v Milo out from Homer to discover new breaks on the outer coast of the Kenai Peninsula. We just returned from our fourth trip out there yesterday. This morning I put together a few clips I shot using the GoPro video camera mounted on my SUP paddle. This footage is from our third adventure out to the Gulf and our second time riding this slab wave we’ve named Pop Ups.

The name is in reference to the bull kelp (seaweed) heads that randomly pop up all around the break as the water level raises and lowers with the passing swells. And the way the wave pops up as the swell pushes over a big flat rocky reef. More info and photos from this spot in these two posts-  Yesterday’s WaveSleuthing an Alaskan Slab

This was my first time using the gopro on my paddle. Plenty of room for improvement and looking forward to trying it in some better light than midwinter twilight. The wave was not at its best this time, a bit disorganized at the end of a windy day. We’ll be back.