I couldn’t count the number of times we have been floating in the lineup at Petrof Glacier daydreaming about having the M/V Milo anchored up right there with us. In our little dream she would be there rolling in the swell waiting for us to have our fun then return to her for a nice hot shower, dinner, maybe a soak in the hot tub before crawling in a bunk for the night just to get up early and do it all again.

Keep dreaming my friends, they do come true!

Near the end of our recent five week surf adventure bringing the Milo from Sitka to Homer we pulled up to Petrof Glacier at the end of a long day spent searching for waves. It hadn’t been a very successful day for the search. The swell was strong enough, but the direction was not working with us. After scouring countless miles of wild coastline in the Kenai Fjords we had one last chance, our much beloved wave at the beach near Petrof Glacier, just maybe something would be hitting there. The swell direction seemed like it might work, the tide stage was good, the winds were the right direction and with just an hour or two of daylight left it was our only hope.

As we motored around Nuka Island there was a hint of swell making it’s way into the passage. Smiles flashed. Just maybe we could get a few waves before we lost what little bit of daylight this December day spared us. We were already in our suits by the time the anchor was dropped, it didn’t look like much, but Petrof can provide some surprisingly sweet waves even on a small swell. And after a day of searching desperately in the Gulf of Alaska for any sign of a surfable wave we were game for anyting.

As is often the case, the waves were better than we expected and we made the most of the waning daylight.

Mike McCune surfing Petrof Glacier, Alaska

The Captain and his craft.