Surf Alaska, as the name suggests, is all about surfing in Alaska. We are regularly doing whatever we can to get out on the water. Often this involves organizing trips where we invite friends or strangers that we think would like to join us.

Together we can more easily overcome the logistical and financial challenges of accessing the waves of Alaska.  We are excited to finally be putting together a database that allows us to invite everyone who’s interested easily and quickly.

If you are interested in being contacted whenever we have a surfing opportunity to share, please help us help you by filling out this form below. Even if you think you are already ‘on the list’ please do us a favor and fill this out anyhow, it will make the project a lot easier. Of course, you’ll be able to unsubscribe yourself anytime and we won’t share this list with anyone.

The kind of things you might be invited on are fly-out adventures, boat based trips, boretide sessions, SUP crossings, SUP river paddles etc. . At this stage we are talking about non-commercial trips where we just pool resources to make them happen. You’ll have to bring your stoke, smile, and a sharing attitude to have a good time.

If you are planning a trip yourself and would like to invite others please contact Surf Alaska and we would be happy to share your trip with the list.

Sometime in the near future we hope to offer commercial trips with Ocean Swell Ventures. You’ll have an opportunity to sign up for notifications of those trips when they are available.

Email will be the first and preferred method of contact so please let us know if email doesn’t work well for you.

Due to incessant spam levels this form has been disabled 11/13/15. Please contact Surf Alaska to be added to our list.