Iceman and Mount Saint Elias.

Many waves to be thankful for in Yakutat, Alaska on Thanksgiving Day. The crew of the M/V Milo and a couple local Yakutat surfers scored countless waves under sunny skies and the incredible scenery of the Saint Elias Mountains.

We have been making our way North from Sitka to Homer. The swell was pretty small and traveling was smooth as we headed North. We enjoyed a night at the White Sulphur hot springs which I have to say is the sweetest hot springs I’ve ever visited. There is some great potential for reef breaks in that area though I’m not sure I’d want to be anchored there during a heavy swell. It would be sweet to be staying in the nice little forest service cabin right next to the hot spring with a big swell rolling. Soak away all your aches from some heavy reef breaks . . . If anyone makes it there soon, keep an eye out for a brand new pair of sz 11 Xcel 7mm boots that I left by the fire. oops.

We surfed a beach break in Palma Bay near a rock arch so big you we could have driven the 58ft m/v Milo right through it at high tide. The waves were small but shapely and made for some great SUP surfing. No photos from that day.

Back to our feature presentation. Thanksgiving Day in Yakutat!

Mike McCune Surfing Yakutat, Alaska.

Mike McCune Surfing Yakutat, Alaska.

Yakutat Surfer Nate Catterson had plenty to be thankful for.

Scott Dickerson surfing Yakutat, Alaska.

Frederick Dickerson

Frederick and Matt

The captain was happy with the harvest.