It’s July fourth here in Alaska this morning –  Independence Day, a historical date to celebrate. And we have good reason for celebration, there is a tiny little swell hitting the Homer Spit. It might not be enough to ride on a surfboard, but we’ll be out there having a ball on the four new Surf Alaska stand up paddle boards.

In October of 2008 my surf stoke bursted out into the beginnings of the blog. Since then 58 posts have been published including photos, trip reports, information and more photos about surfing in the last frontier.   I just believed that with this much passion and enthusiasm something would work out to reward me for all the time invested.The time has come.

I’m excited to announce (if you didn’t already hear on facebook) .  . .

It’s business time!

You can sing it like the ‘Flight of the Conchords‘ if you like.  Surf Alaska is officially in business.

For all my readers here online this will equate to a lot more content as I now have even more reason to be out there surfing, photographing, and exploring the surf potential in Alaska to share it all with you.

What is this business?

I’m starting this show off with a dealership for Surfboards, Stand up Paddleboards and all the wetsuits, gloves, booties, hoods etc.. that make surfing in AK not just possible, but even comfortable. And of course the Surf Alaska t-shirts.  Surf and stand up boards are coming from Boardworks and North Pacific. Wetsuits from Matuse, Xcel, and Hyperflex. The inventory is growing almost daily and anything these fine companies offer can be ordered. You can count on a competitive price, experienced advice and service with a smile. I hope to make it easy for everyone to find the right gear and information they need to start getting on (or in) the water.

The core of the business for this summer of 2010 will be introducing stand up paddlesurfing to Alaska. Surf can be hard to find on the road system especially in the summer months, but it’s easy to find a gorgeous piece of water to take an SUP out for a paddle on. Surf Alaska has a mobile shop in a 16ft covered trailer that is being setup for doing demo days between Homer and Fairbanks. We’ll roll up and put anyone who’s interested in a wetsuit and on a beginner friendly stand up paddleboard to try it out.

And that, my friends, is all the time I’ve got this morning, there are waves out there and nobody is riding them!

Time to get to work, it’s surfing time!