fly-out surfing Alaska

If you have been a regular here at you should be familiar with our fly-out surfing adventures to Petrof Glacier. In a nutshell we pile into a bushplane at the Homer Airport and after 20 minutes of flying over some incredible ocean, mountain, glacier, and ice field scenery we are at a sweet surf beach in the wilds of Alaska.

Map showing the flightpath from Homer to the Petrof Glacier surf break

The quick flight can be a bit like driving your car to the local break except this local break is in classic Alaskan wilderness and you’ve never seen anyone else surfing there besides your friends who hitched a ride with you. To be fair there are some other factors involved. . . The weather has to be just right to allow us to fly over the mountains. The tide has to be low for us to land on the beach. The airplane and pilots must be available, and last but not least, there needs to be a SSE swell in the gulf of Alaska. I’ve lost track of how many surf trips we’ve made to Petrof in the last couple years, it must be somewhere close to the number of fingers I have to count with.

Last Saturday in the heart of Memorial Day weekend when the holiday makers where plugging up the tourism scene in Homer, Alaska we escaped for an evening surf session at Petrof Glacier. The waves were glassy with perfect shape ranging from waist to shoulder high. The break was a little crowded with harbor seals but we found a spot amongst them to catch a few quick and sick beach break barrels.

Flying over the glaciers and ice field in the Kenai Mountains

fly-out Surfing Alaska

Mike McCune looking for a first glimpse of the surf at Petrof Glacier.

Fly-out Surfing Alaska

Surfing adventure in Alaska

Mike McCune surfing at Petrof Glacier in Alaska.

flyout surfing adventure in Alaska

Fly-out Surfing adventure in Alaska

aerial of flying over a glacier in Alaska

Flying back home over the glaciers into a gorgeous sunset after 10pm

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