fly out surfing adventure in Alaska.

The suspense was excruciating.

The swell forecast looked strong for three to four days over the weekend but the flying forecast was marginal. For the first three days the clouds were hanging thick around the Kenai Mountains preventing us from flying through them to our favorite fly-out surfing paradise in the wilds of Alaska. The morning of the last promising day of the swell also brought some hope for a flight.

Finally, late Monday morning we had the opportunity to go for a day trip. Mike, Gart and I couldn’t talk anyone else into filling the empty fourth seat so there we were, just the three of us with head high to a couple feet overhead Petrof peelers all to ourselves. the surf was good all day long, but especially hot around mid tide this time.  Below is a photo report captured between my sessions.

fly out surfing adventure in Alaska.

Mike McCune - gets of the bus after his commute over the mountains and glaciers to another day on the job.

fly-out surfing remote Alaska surf breaks

Mike McCune surfing Petrof Glacier, Alaska

Surfing adventure in Alaska

Mike McCune surfing Petrof Glacier, Alaska

Surfing petrof glacier, Alaska

Mike McCune surfing Petrof Glacier, Alaska

Mike McCune surfing Petrof Glacier, Alaska

Gart Curtis fly-out surfing in Alaska

Gartly Curtis surfing Petrof Glacier, Alaska

Snow covered mountain peaks peaking over a swell as Mike paddles out.

Mike McCune surfing Alaska

Mike McCune surfing Petrof Glacier, Alaska

fly-out surf camping alaska

Sitting around the campfire waiting for the plane when we could surf no more.

fly-out surfing Alaska

The flight home over the mountains and glaciers at sunset was stunning.

For those of you interested in joining us on one of these trips here are some answers to FAQs.

  • Cost is usually around $150-$250 each for the flight.
  • We can camp, but often the weather suggests that we best get in and out lest we get stranded for more days than planned.
  • The swell is fairly predictable, but the flying weather is flaky which leaves us often waiting with packed bags. If you want to come from Anchorage or somewhere else I’d suggest just planning on being here waiting with us because when it’s time to go we usually only have a couple hours of notice.
  • It’s a sweet right break that seems to hold up pretty well for anything from waist high to a few feet overhead on the faces. We haven’t seen it bigger but suspect it could handle it fine as well. It can be hollow and barrelling or just nice steep and fast depending on the shape of the bar that day and the swell/wind

There is a killer swell over there right now, bigger than we’ve seen, but it’s no fly weather so just enjoy the photos and get back to work . . .