Alex Wilson heading out for a lonely surf in Icy Bay, Alaska.

Situated on the Eastern edge of the Gulf of Alaska with a long sand spit protruding into the bay and miles of beach on either side Icy Bay will catch any Alaska map surfers imagination.

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Even better than dreaming – Fellow Alaskan surfer, Alex Wilson, shared a report of his session there last summer including a few photos.

In Alex’s own words:

Here are those pictures of surfing out at Icy Bay. These are taken by Rachel of me surfing out at Pt. Riou. Basically that point that juts out at Icy Bay. There is a lodge at Icy Bay that would take surfers who are willing to make the trip over from Yakutat. It’s Icy Bay Lodge The lodge mostly does fishing and hunting. Nice guys who run the lodge. They picked Rachel and I up with their landing craft boat when we were walking back to our boat because they saw we didn’t have a gun with us for bear protection- there are some HUGE brown bears out there. There are plenty of surfable waves. There are some strong rips, but on bigger swells from the South, I could see how the waves would just fire down the whole point and wrap inside the bay.

Alex Wilson surfing Icy Bay, Alaska

Alex Wilson surfing Icy Bay, Alaska

Thanks to Alex for our first reader submission for  I hope this is just the beginning –  If you have a report from a surf session in Alaska that you’d like to share please contact me.