surfing Homer, Alaska

Stephanie Haynes heading out for a morning session on the Homer Spit.

It’s been a pretty slow winter for surf in Homer, Alaska and March has been no exception. This left us plenty of time to shovel ourselves out of the snow from a five day blizzard and be ready when a swell did finally make its way into Kachemak Bay. We’ve been averaging about one day of surf a week. A couple of these days were great, including one 6.5hr session – Not sure if that’s because the waves were so good, or if I was just that desperate.

This post is a roundup of the photos I have on file for surf sessions this month. Please enjoy.

March 7th – A pretty sloppy swell on the Spit in the morning.

surfing Homer, Alaska

surfing Homer, Alaska

March 10th –  The swell started out pretty decent waist to chest high on the Spit then picked up over the course of a few hours and by the time the snow blizzard reached us it was a couple feet overhead and very shapely. If I recall, this was a five hour session. Mostly surfing I only shot a few photos from the beginning and middle of the session.

Waiting for a wave to come out out of the snow storm.

Snow and surf in Alaska

March 14th – The swell was perfectly glassy but a little disorganized. Sets were around chest to head high if you were lucky to be in the right spot.  With a fog layer and light snow falling it was pretty mysterious out there.

Ty Gates surfing Alaska

Sweet shape but not very predictable

Iceman surfing Alaska