Santa walking up the beach for another surf in the Cook Inlet storm swell.

It’s become a bit of a tradition to go surfing on Christmas day here in Alaska.  Well, at least for about five of us in Homer anyhow.  Every year we wonder if Santa will show up and what kind of wave slider he’ll be using. Not too surprising then when he did make an appearance for our stormy session at Anchor Point with his ruby slipper as we call it. We’ve seen this one before, seems to be a favorite craft of his.

The surf was pretty decent in Anchor Point (20 miles north of Homer) with about shoulder high sets and a pretty stiff sideshore breeze. The current was brutal though – With some of the largest tides in the world, Cook Inlet moves a lot of water during each tide cycle. A 20ft water depth change every 6hrs is not uncommon.  This session the wind and the tide were double teaming us which made for a bunch of beach walking . . . Jump in, paddle out, try your best to stay in one spot, maybe catch a wave, get out and walk up the beach and try again.  Even Santa couldn’t beat this current. Sort of made me wonder why he didn’t bring the reindeer along, we could have all used some help.

ps. I’ve heard some reports that local surf kayaker Randy Keller was missing on Christmas day, he has since been found and appears to be ok.