Mike McCune stuffing the tube on a Novembers morning in Alaska.

Mike McCune stuffing the tube on a November morning in Alaska.

I’ve been looking forward to posting a few of these shots from a sunrise surf session in Alaska. Looking through them here on Thanksgiving day brought up thoughts of stuffing – stuffing tubes that is. Some nice walls, some awesome closeouts and a few perfect rides.

Gart Curtis surfing Alaska

Gart Curtis surfing Alaska. Perfect. hmm.

Mike McCune surfing Alaska.

Mike McCune surfing Alaska. I think he was the turkey on this one.

Bob Shavelson surfing Alaska.

Bob Shavelson surfing Alaska.

Gart Curtis surfing Alaska.

Gart Curtis in the sweet spot surfing Alaska.

Mike McCune - Lip smacked to the bottom for a ride in the washer machine.

Mike McCune assumes the horizontal ludicrous speed position to make the section.