Mike McCune surfing Bishop's Beach in Homer, Alaska.

Mike McCune surfing Bishop

I only have a minute, but wanted to get a photo up from today’s session. It was very windy, complete with water spouts on Kachemak Bay! Despite the wind though, there was a crowd of surfers out at Bishops Beach. If you could make it outside the crushing shore break there was actually some pretty nice waves. Not a very consistent line up and extreme side currents made it a thing of luck if you were in the right spot at the right time. With the current so strong it was ‘drift surfing’ – Jump in the water on the West end of the beach and scramble your way out of the break on the East end of the break, hike back up the beach into the wind and do it again.

Air temps were down for the first time this year really. I think it was around 28F with a windspeed I’d guess at around 20mph gusting to 30mph. This particular break is rideable during winds like this sometimes becuase of a little windshadow in the area.

More session reports and photos coming soon.