It hasn’t really been THAT long since we last had waves. Only a few days really. But yesterday afater my brain had gone to mush and any chance of productivity had left me, I left the office and went to try out an idea that had been brewing for a while – tie a line to a bridge, jump on a surfboard and hang on while trying to surf standing waves. It all seemed a bit fantastic in my mind, but even I figured it might not actually work out. Talking about it certainly wasn’t going to resolve my curiousity, so off I went to our nearby river.

I took my handy pocket digi cam (canon G9) and recorded this fine film:

It was better than sitting at home. With a faster moving river and larger standing waves I think this could be pretty fun. The board I was riding is an 8’6″ and barely kept me afloat. Maybe I’ll go back when the river is flooding some day.